From the Writer Formerly Known As Towles

Since my last post on this blog, I’ve written in other corners of the Web and otherwise, moved cities, had another child, and reluctantly started a new blog, quickly followed by a complete end to my writing presence, online and otherwise.

For a while, friends and readers asked when I would begin again, to which I responded with a sort of sheepish shrug and mumbled comments about my crazy kid(s). And for a while, I didn’t think I needed to write anymore, at least not during this particularly family-absorbed phase of life. But what I have found, as my second child nears her first birthday, is that my brain is actually still writing stories. I just haven’t allowed it an outlet on paper or computer. This has resulted in some totally random Facebook status updates, wild dreams, fantastic monster-tornado-spawned anxiety, and well-placed fears that somewhere down this old Cheerio-scattered road I’ve lost the writer formerly known as Towles.

Which got me thinking about inertia. All things in motion tend to stay in motion, including imagination, creativity, and the desire to write. And the tricky thing about writing, like exercise, is that once you stop, it is really, really hard to begin again. Liken my brain right now to a 350 pound man faced with a fifty yard dash.

But begin again, I will, and I’ll do it here. If you’d like to watch and encourage me as I journey back into the writing life, keep your subscription to what used to be Words, Wanderings and Other Joyful Things, and invite some friends. “The Interior Life” feels like a more appropriate title for me these days. Not that I’m not joyful. I am! Ever more so! But I spend a lot of time indoors with children and within myself rather than wandering and reporting as before.

If you want to unsubscribe, please do. I would say it won’t hurt my feelings, but it might … just a little … and when embarking on a journey like this it is important to be honest.

Stay tuned.

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6 thoughts on “From the Writer Formerly Known As Towles

  1. Towles, Welcome back to the race track; you might feel like a fat man in a tight track suit about to try to sprint for the gold but indeed you are not so. I’m proud of you for challenging yourself. I like to believe there are no short cuts to any place worth going. Also, regarding inertia, creativity, & anxiety, I believe that if one does not have an outlet for creativity in one’s life, the trapped creativity swirls, churns & mixes into toxic anxiety in one’s gut and/or soul. I believe that this trapped toxic anxiety leads to a deep dark nasty depression which is hard to fight off by one’s self. I have my own research based evidence & therapy bills to prove this idea true. Keep running, ahem, writing Towles & I’ll keep reading 🙂


  2. So glad you are working in the word factory again!! Will enjoy reading all future products…Mom XXXOOO


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