A Note to Readers

A few folks have asked me to re-send information about Proximity, which has been up and running since January 1.

If you’d like to subscribe to RSS feeds or email updates for this new venture, go to http://www.proximitymag.org and enter your information there. Opting in at “Words/Wanderings” does not mean that you are also opted in to Proximity – I didn’t want to make any assumptions!

While you are at ProximityMag, also check out our “Readers Write” section. We’re requesting submissions from other writers (professional or otherwise) to contribute their perspectives on Proximity themes past and present. Don’t be shy!

Thank you for reading my work and for your encouragement! Have a great day.



On New Year’s Day, my friends and I launched PROXIMITY MAGAZINE, a brand-new online writing project. Read our inaugural issue today at http://www.proximitymag.org.

We are three writers in three different places: a Midwestern college town, a big city in the Deep South, a rural village in South Africa.

We live in worlds divided: by oceans and mountain ranges; by state and national borders; by accents and politics; by race and by history. We live in worlds divided by real and imagined lines.

But our worlds are increasingly connected. By cables and computer screens. By trade agreements. By communities reuniting, realizing our fates are tied to what happens to our allies, our enemies, and people oceans away.

Our worlds are far apart. Our worlds are the same.

Each week, we choose a different place that exists in each of our three locations — a coffee shop, for example, or a street corner, or a family dinner table.

Over the course of one hour, we find a story. Then we share it with you. Over the course of one year, these stories will form a collective whole, illuminating the surprising ways in which our worlds are uniquely different and remarkably related.

Our inaugural issue explores the theme of HOME and serves as an introduction to each of us, our lives and our “place”.

Beginning next week, we will publish new content each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

My publishing day will be each Wednesday, but I can almost guarantee that you will be so drawn to all the writing on the site that you’ll find yourself visiting Proximity three times a week.

Thank you for your support of MY work for the past year and a half. I look forward to sharing more of it with you in this new venue.