Towles Kintz is a writer, a mother of three, and co-editor of Proximity Magazine, an online, nonfiction literary magazine. After graduating from Davidson College, she moved to Atlanta, where she met her husband, had her first child and attended Goucher’s low-residency MFA program in creative nonfiction writing. She does a lot of laundry, and writes when she can. She and her family live in Nashville, Tennessee.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I went to art school to become a product designer, and I found I was very critical of myself and of anyone who came up to me and told me that they were an artist or a designer. They needed to prove it to me. When I was in my sophomore year someone asked “how do you know when you’re really a designer?”

    The answer given was this: When you can look in the mirror and say “I’m *insert name* and I’m an Industrial Designer” without laughing at yourself.


  2. Hey, Towles. I read your piece on Brevity about blogging. I live in the Atlanta area as well and I think I’m doing a similar thing with my new blog sweetsuburbia.org. I’m attempting a creative nonfiction treatment of chronicling life here in suburbia. I’d love to chat about this sometime.

    I studied Creative Writing at GSU and am a working journalist and freelancer as well.

    Let me know if you have a few minutes.



  3. Was searching online for a photo of a little yellow bird and I happened upon your blog and Proximity Magazine—am enjoying both—serendipity indeed!


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