Before fairly recently, I thought blogging was kind of a nerdy thing to do.  I pictured bloggers as sort of intense, socially-challenged people who weren’t getting enough out of life and were therefore forced to turn to their computers for companionship. 

But then my friend Traci, who is one of the cooler people I know, started a blog (Down and Out).  And then my sister-in-law, Jenn, started posting online entries on her design & life blog, SeymourCornelius.  And then, my friend Maggie, a writer living and working in South Africa, started talking about ramping up her own blog, and insisted that I do the same. 

So, here I am. 

Uncomfortable as I am with this sort of world-wide journal entry-type stuff, I’m going to make my best effort at wandering through life with an eye and an ear for ideas, and posting them as they come my way. 

Wanderings will be my idea section, the part of the blog that allows for questions, confessions, musings and observations.       


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